Microsoft Teams Premium

More Intelligent

Focus on what matters most with meetings powered by AI, including GPT from OpenAI

 ______________________________________________________  Intelligent Recap  ___________________________________________________________

Automatically generates meeting notes and tasks from live meeting transcriptions, so key points and action items are never missed.

Calls out important moments in the meeting, such as when your name was mentioned, a screen was shared, and when you’ve joined and left.

Easily navigate Teams meeting recordings with automatically generated chapters to help you understand the content of a meeting discussion.

Reduce language barriers using live translations (for captions).

More personalized

Easily create meetings that meet your needs and embody your brand

Easily schedule the right type of meeting with meeting templates.

Let your brand shine with custom branding.

Create custom backgrounds and together modes just for your organization.

More protected

Help keep highly confidential meetings confidential with advanced meeting protection

Help deter leaks with watermarking and limiting who can record.

Lock down online meetings with an end-to-end encryption option.

Automate meeting protection with sensitivity labels.

Reduce costs with Teams Premium

  • Reduce licensing costs by eliminating additional add-on or point solutions.

  • Cut deployment and management costs that come with a patchwork approach of fragmented solutions.

  • Decrease operating costs by decreasing travel expenses.

Products and Services 

– Microsoft Teams 

Organization Size 

– small (1-49 employees)


– Professional Services 


– Germany 

“Teams Premium has been incredibly helpful across the business in different ways. Whether it’s for our webinars, custom branding, or advanced meeting protection, it’s helped us level up our meetings in so many different scenarios.”

– Vesa Nopanen, Principal Consultant for Metaverse and Future Work, Sulava 

Situation: Juggling multiple inadequate communication solutions and the sunset of Skype as a business communication tool, all4cloud was losing agility to create a seamless communication experience. 

Solution: Microsoft Teams enabled three previously independent channels to merge into a single platform that facilitates telephony, presentations, and video conferences in one. More stable telephony, good data and image quality, and a central and reliable platform.

Impact: Alternative means of mobile communication have been rendered largely unnecessary at all4cloud. Coordinating projects with the customers has also been much more straightforward since the switch.