Empower your team to learn, create, and innovate together

Collaborate and connect from almost anywhere

Flexible workspaces make teamwork easy

Flexibility to shift seamlessly between devices and spaces without interruption to the flow of work. 

Designed to make collaboration and communication easy and hassle-free with a consistent and intuitive Teams interface.

Foster inclusive and interactive connections for everyone, regardless of where they are or how they connect 

Strengthen hybrid work culture

Microsoft Teams brings everyone together – no matter where you are

  • Stay Connected, even when you’re apart 
  • Have more control over how you see content and meeting participants 
  • Ensure everyone has equal opportunity to contribute 
  • Stay in the know across the company through leadership communications and engagement 
Dynamic view optimizes and maxiizes shared content and video participants
Live reactions and polls to share feedback with all participants
Improve corporate visibility through leadership connections with up to 20K attendees
Follow along with what is said and whp is saying it with live captions

Connect from virtually anywhere and any device

Collaborate simultaneously on notes and assign tasks in teams or OneNote during the meeting
With Meeting recap, recordings, transcripts, and shared ocntent are saved for later reference
Collaborate with others on the agenda and expectations prior to the meeting with Loop
Brainstorm and collaborate on the same digital canvas with Whiteboard in Teams
  • Before the meeting
    • Collaborate and align on the agenda using Teams chat and file collaboration 
  • During Meeting
    • Use dial-in to join from any device 
    • Take notes and collaborate on files 
    • Brainstorm on a shared whiteboard 

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